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  • Chemical Indicator Strip (Orange to Brown) - Type 4

Chemical Indicator Strip (Orange to Brown) - Type 4

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DH-100 114 mm x 19 mm (4.5” x 0.75”) 100/bag


Crosstex Dry Heat Chemical Indicator Strips are manufactured with Crosstex Eco Friendly Indicating Ink technology.

This innovative indicator strip demonstrates exceptional performance and is customized for the most widely utilized Dry Heat processes.

Crosstex evaluates the performance of every lot to ensure consistent and reliable performance.

  • Lead & latex free
  • Irreversible color transition from Orange to Brown
  • ISO 11140-1 Class/Type 4 Compliant
  • Room temperature storage (15°C to 30°C)
  • Each shipment includes a Certificate of Analysis for assurance of product quality and performance
Process Dry Heat
Indications for Use The chemical indicators may be utilized to monitor Dry Heat sterilization processes.

This product is labeled For Industrial Use Only.

Indicator Strip Dimensions 114 mm x 19 mm (4.5” x 0.75”)
Packaging 100 Strips/Bag
Compliance ISO 11140-1 Class/Type 4
Shelf Life 36 months from the date of manufacture
Storage Conditions 15°C to 30°C, 20% to 70% relative humidity



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52ff0e80b07d28b590bbc4b30befde52 TDS - Dry Heat Chemical Indicator Strip Class-Type 4 (DH-100) Rev. 1.0

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