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  • SA1-xx 1mL Spore Ampoules (SCBIs) for Monitoring Steam Sterilization

SA1-xx 1mL Spore Ampoules (SCBIs) for Monitoring Steam Sterilization

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1 mL Spore Ampoules

Code Population Quantity
SA1-15-04 10^4 15/box
SA1-50-04 10^4 50/box
SA1-15-05 10^5 15/box
SA1-50-05 10^5 50/box
SA1-15-06 10^6 15/box
SA1-50-06 10^6 50/box

1 mL Negative Control Ampoules

Code Volume Quantity
SA1-NC-10 1 mL 10/box


Spore Ampoules are Self-Contained Biological Indicators for monitoring steam processes consisting of a hermetically sealed glass ampoule which contains modified Trypticase® Soy Broth (TSB) with a pH indicator and Geobacillus stearothermophilus spores with a population level of 10^4, 10^5 or 10^6.

✔ Reduced incubation time of 48 hours
✔ Visually distinct positive results indicated by the media transitioning from Purple to Yellow
✔ Saves time by eliminating aseptic culturing required with traditional spore strips
✔ Negative controls are available separately

✔ Process : Steam
✔ Organism : Geobacillus stearothermophilus Cell Line 7953
✔ Indications for Use : The Spore Ampules may be utilized to monitor Steam sterilization efficacy. The Spore Ampules are ideal for monitoring liquid steam sterilization cycles but may also be utilized in monitoring dry loads. This product is labeled For Industrial Use Only.

✔ Ampoule Dimensions : Approximately 58 mm x 10.8 mm

✔ Shelf-Life : 24 months from the date of manufacture
✔ Storage Conditions : Refrigerate at 2°C to 8°C


Technical Data Sheet

52ff0e80b07d28b590bbc4b30befde52 TDS Steam 1ml Spore Ampules (SA1-xx-0x) Rev.1.1

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