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  • CryoSavers™, 2ml Cryovial for Organism Preservation

CryoSavers™, 2ml Cryovial for Organism Preservation

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CS81 ~ CS100


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CryoSavers™ Cryogenic Vials


The CryoSaver™ system is designed for ease of use. Save time and effort! Let Hardy prepare your freezer vials for you!

The need for storing stock organisms for extended periods of time is common practice in the field of microbiology. Hardy Diagnostics CryoSaver™ offers a simple, safe, and convenient way to store organisms at ultra low temperatures for future use.



  • Convenient: Ready-to-use media with cryopreservatives saves you time and expense.
  • New Packaging: An advanced durable plastic box that holds 100 vials has numbered compartments and a hinged lid to protect your CryoSavers™. The compact size saves valuable freezer space. CryoSavers™ are also available in smaller boxes (81 vials) that fit into standard stainless steel freezer racks.
  • Color Coding: Caps are available in blue, red, green, yellow, or natural. In addition, cap inserts are available in 11 colors that may be placed into the hole in each cap.
  • Easy-to-use: Ergonomically designed cap
  • Formula Options: Available formulas include Skim Milk or Brucella Broth with Glycerol cryopreservative. The Brucella Broth is a highly enriched general purpose growth media that enhances the long term viability of your specimen.
  • Beads: The Brucella Broth formula is available with or without plastic beads. The beads with holes are used to roll across the solid media with a needle for easy inoculation.
  • Easy Labeling: Each vial has a blank white area that can be written on for specimen identification. In addition, each box comes with a moistureproof card on which to record the contents of each vial.





Cat. No. Product Description Beads Cap Color Quantity
CS81BNB CryoSavers™, Brucella Broth with Glycerol (Nalgene box) No Blue 81 vials


CryoSavers™, Brucella Broth with Glycerol (Nalgene box) Yes Blue 81 vials


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