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The new frontier in beta-lactams antibiotics inactivation


LACTAMATOR™ is an innovative enzyme based product developed by CPC Biotech and specifically designed for the inactivation of a wide range of beta-lactam antibiotics.
LACTAMATOR™ is the most powerful product available on the market that can inactivate pencillins, cephalosporins of first, second, third, fourth and fifth generation and Penems.


Benfit of using LACTAMATOR™


  • Extended spectrum: LACTAMATOR™ inactivates the widest range of beta-lactams antibiotics (penicillins, cephalosprins of first, second, third, fourth and fifth generation and Penems);
  • Handiness: just one product for the inactivation of a wide range of beta-lactams antibiotics.
  • Easy to use: LACTAMATOR™ is available as lyophilized non sterile powder and now also as a STERILE LIQUID solution.
  • Cost effective




Pack size available


Lyophilized non sterile formulation:

Code: LCT-5: 10 vials each of which contains > 50 IU of cephalosporinase and > 500 IU of penase
Code: LCT-20: 1 vial containing > 2 KIU of cephalosporinase and > 20 KIU of penase
Code: LCT-Bulk: On demand


Sterile liquid formulation: Ready to use

Code: LCT-LQS-10: 5 x 10 ml vial pack. Each vial contains > 100 IU of cephalosporinase and > 1 KIU of Penase


Unit definition: 1 IU is defined as the amount of enzyme that catalyzes the hydrolysis of 1.0 micromole of penicillin G (penase) or cephalosporin C (cephalosporinase) per minute at 25°C under the assay method conditions. One IU of penase corresponds to 600 Levy Units.


Stability of Reagents


Freeze dried formulation: 

Freeze dried LACTAMATOR™ has a stability of three years from manufacturing date. After reconstitution and sterile filtration, the solution can be stored at + 2°C/+8°C for at least three months without losing activity.


Sterile liquid ready to use formulation (cod. LCT-LQS-10):

Sterile liquid LACTAMATOR™ has a stability of 48 months from manufacturing date. The product should be stored at + 2°C/+8°C.



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